Rebalance- Medium Viscosity


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With superior adhesion, hypoallergenic formula, and a flawless finish, these gels have been designed for Nail Technicians, by a Nail Technician. 

Medium viscosity
Perfect viscosity for doing multiple nails at once
Self levelling
Perfect for No Filing technique
Minimal heat spikes
Low allergy risk

Use with Sticky Business Base Coat for best results.
Cure for 1 minute.

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10g, Boss Babe, 10g, Heather Plum, 10g, Just Peachy, 10g, Milky, 10g, cloud, 10g, Rose Water, 10g, Tinted Ice, 10g, Suede, 10g, Latte, 10g, Berry Nice, 10g, Souffle, 30g, Rosé OK, 30g, Pretty In Pink, 30g, Clear, 30g, Boss Babe, 30g, Heather Plum, 30g, Just Peachy, 30g, Milky, 30g, cloud, 30g, Rose Water, 30g, Tinted Ice, 30g, Suede, 30g, Latte, 30g, Berry Nice, 30g, Souffle


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